Alas for my moſte pretious boke

My moſte pretious boke hath bene diſfigur’d by my Faitheleſs Humane Seruauntes.

I had onelie begonne toe laie my thowghtes downe vpon ye paper vvhen my ſeruaunte came in my rome whan that I was owt of it and ſcribled barbarous poyntie lynes vpon .i. of ye pages, soe that ye fayreſt fruites of my pawe maie hardlie bee rede. I ſhal tye hir toe a ſculliones ſcratchynge poſte.

15c Lettere e commissioni di Levante v13

Yet did ſhee leaue the othere page unmarr’d ſoe yt yow maie ſtil reade yt easelie. I maie yet ſpare hir lyf. Yet wil I giue hir a gode miouwynge toe. Stil wil I mourne ye  spoylynge of .ii. of my deareſt thowghtes.


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